Vittorio Bertocci

Principal Architect; Auth0
Vittorio Bertocci is a Principal Architect for Auth0. Before Auth0, he had a lengthy career with Microsoft, where Vittorio worked with Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies, including working on Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory team as principal program manager focusing on the developer experience. He contributed to the inception and launch of Microsoft's claims-based platform components (Windows Identity Foundation and ADFS, ADAL and MSAL SDKs, ASP.NET middleware). Vittorio is a well known speaker, educator and published author.

Vittorio's Sessions

Friday, June 28
10:30 - 11:20 am
Auth0 Masterclass: Identity and the Yellow Brick Road - The Last Few Steps Are Always the Hardest
Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where every identity project is a perfect fit for out-of-the-box features? It would be ideal to simply stay on the yellow brick road of prescribed solutions and guarantee success. Developers and practitioners, however, know better. They know that apart from few blessed cases, most real life projects are messy business – where modern protocols need to integrate with legacy solutions, security best practices must coexist with the unique requirements of existing business practices, and common sense expectations are blatantly subverted. Solving those unpredictable challenges without compromising security and efficiency requires stepping off the beaten track, carving a new path that adapts to conditions that no rigid, off the shelf product could have predicted. Join Vittorio Bertocci, Architect at Auth0, as he leads attendees through various real-world scenarios where extensibility and the ability to inject last-mile customization were essential for solving hard identity challenges

Tuesday, June 25
10:30 - 11:20 am
Modern identity for developers 101
Modern identity promises to solve some of the thorniest problems that historically plagued handling authentication and access control in applications. That sounds great in theory, but how do thinks really look like when the rubber hits the road - what does it take to incorporate modern identity in your applications development practice? Come to this session to learn the basis of modern identity development and be better equipped to understand and participate to the session in this year's Identiverse development track.

Thursday, June 27
9:30 - 10:00 am
Standards: The Bedrock of Identity
You rely on them everyday... but do you really know what makes the standards world go round? For the first time at Identiverse, we're excited to welcome a panel of standards experts on to our keynote stage to discuss, debate and entertain you... and give you insight into the things that will change your world in the next 5 years.

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