What began as a small meeting of the brightest minds in digital identity has now become THE Identity Industry Conference to attend. This conference emerged from a community of individuals with a shared vision, from technologists and practitioners to thought leaders and end-users. Our digital world is built on a foundation of identity security. The need for innovation, thought leadership and collaboration has never been more important.  Identiverse is the platform that unites, nurtures and energizes this community year over year to evolve the industry. This is identity enlightened. This is IDENTIVERSE®.


What Is Identiverse?

Identiverse is KNOWLEDGE. With world-class keynotes and hundreds of opportunities to be exposed to the latest technologies, Identiverse breeds personal and professional growth at every corner. 

Identiverse is COMMUNITY. The intimate design of the conference allows one-on-one interaction with not only your peers, but with the experts in the industry. 

Identiverse is PROGRESS.  The conference is a true meeting of the minds to further the industry as a whole, through community contribution of thought leadership, collaboration and innovation.


Why Attend?

We continue to grow not only as an event but as a year-round community. We continue to anchor the identity industry with high-quality, vendor-neutral content, compelling keynotes, in-depth technical sessions and masterclasses, and unrivaled access to the best vendors across the industry.