What began as a small meeting of the brightest minds in digital identity has now become THE Identity Industry Conference to attend. The Identiverse Conference emerged from a community of individuals with a shared vision, from technologists and practitioners to thought leaders and end-users. We have since matured beyond the annual conference, to a year-round resource for all things identity.  Identiverse unites, nurtures, and energizes this our community to propel the industry forward.

This is identity enlightened. This is IDENTIVERSE® EVOLVED.

What Is Identiverse?

Identiverse is KNOWLEDGE. We present, share and cultivate the top identity content in the industry.  With year-round access to world-class keynotes, webinars and hundreds of opportunities to be exposed to the latest technologies and industry trends, Identiverse breeds personal and professional growth at every corner.

Identiverse is COMMUNITY.  We have an intimate community that thrives on collaboration and personal interaction. Through networking opportunities and strategic partner relationships, the possibilities to enhance your network are endless.

Identiverse is PROGRESS.   The brightest minds in identity converge here to further the industry as a whole, through community contribution of thought leadership, collaboration and innovation. We are the force that advances the industry forward. 

Content Committee

Our Content Committee is comprised of subject matter experts from across the globe. Their expertise is instrumental in constructing our conference agenda each year. We hold an open public Call For Papers annually that predominantly informs our agenda. The Committee works tirelessly to evaluate each and every proposal we receive to ensure the highest quality of pertinent identity content year over year. 

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Industry Partners

We partner with the best identity organizations in the world to strengthen our Identiverse community. Check out our industry partners, support them and enhance your own network at the same time.


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