July 24
Consolidation Not Fragmentation, at Last!

Colin Wallis | Executive Director, Kantara Initiative

It’s hard to believe a month has gone by since the identerati converged on the Hynes Convention Center in Boston and emerged four days later as the ‘Identiversed’. I’m still emailing follow-ups, and receiving them too, as many folks took time out to celebrate the 4th of July the week following the event. These big […]

July 19
The State of the Authorization Union

David Brossard | VP Customer Relations, Axiomatics

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to talk at the European Identity Conference on a topic that is close to my heart: authorization. More specifically, I discussed how the evolving IT landscape requires an even finer grained authorization framework to be able to deliver value to consumers as a whole. In a later […]

July 11
Shining Stars: Brightest Moments of Identiverse 2018

Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

Friends of identity, it’s a little bittersweet now that Identiverse™ 2018 has come to an end. We can’t thank all of you enough for making our inaugural year under our new branding so fun and memorable. The spirit of Cloud Identity Summit has truly evolved into something amazing, and Identiverse certainly had its Big Bang […]

June 19
Identiverse Content Countdown Series, Part 6: Agenda Highlights Recap

Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

If you’ve kept track of this Identiverse content series, you might recall me saying in the first blog, “Keep in mind, these blogs aren’t intended to be extensive lists, so if you’re building your agenda or making a final decision whether to attend this year, check out the full agenda online.” Well, I wasn’t lying. […]

June 13
Identiverse Content Countdown Series, Part 5: Privacy, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger

Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

We’ve been covering blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and their place in the identiverse for a number of years. We’ve had in-depth discussions about privacy, self-sovereign identity, hashgraph and more. The conversation has evolved quite a bit in the last few months. So in 2018, we’re taking a much more careful look into where distributed […]

June 12
Sometimes, Standards Aren’t Enough

George Fletcher | Identity Standards Architect, Oath

Whether through merger or acquisition, bringing together two companies with different identity systems is a huge challenge. To make matters more complicated, you need to address web apps and mobile apps differently. Leveraging standards can help solve and smooth over the technology consolidation issues, but they’re not always enough. In this post, I’ll share what […]

June 05
Identiverse Content Countdown Series, Part 4: Identity Standards and Architecture

Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

Identity standards and architecture form the bedrock of our industry, providing the foundational technologies and best-practice patterns for resilient, scalable, secure and user-oriented identity deployments. It’s no surprise then that you’ll find plenty of sessions on these topics at Identiverse 2018 (formerly Cloud Identity Summit). In fact, there are so many that it would be […]

The Castaway Society: Identity for Inclusion Isn’t Charity

Bianca Lopes | Identity Strategist

When it comes to financial inclusion, the truth is that most people think about some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program or full-on charity for developing countries. This is straight up wrong! Identity for Financial Inclusion (IFI) isn’t about charity—it’s about business. It’s been calculated that a 1% increase in inclusion would result in a 3.6% increase in […]

May 29
Identiverse Content Countdown Series, Part 3: Security

Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

If you’re just now jumping into this blog series, we’ve been featuring tracks of rich content coming up at Identiverse 2018 (formerly Cloud Identity Summit) as we countdown the days to the June 24 opening day. In my previous blog, I highlighted our great lineup of mobile identity sessions, and we discussed our IoT track […]

May 22
Identiverse Content Countdown Series, Part 2: Mobile

Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

With only about a month to go until Identiverse 2018 (formerly Cloud Identity Summit), the countdown continues. To help you prepare for absorbing a year’s worth of content in four days, this is the second of a series of posts designed to help you navigate the packed agenda in Boston. In our last post, we […]

May 15
Identiverse Tweet Jam: Get the Highlights and Save 50%

Andrew Hindle | Content Chair, Identiverse

On April 25th, we hosted the annual Tweet Jam with identity experts tweeting about topics that are sure to be the buzz at Identiverse in June. We had a great turn out…35 participants and 348 tweets in one hour, with the conversation reaching to over 2.7 million impressions for the day (that’s 32% more than […]

The Future of Authentication: Cloudy with a Chance of Compromised Credentials

Steve Tout | CEO, VeriClouds

We live in an era in which customers no longer need to ask whether their credentials or sensitive data have been involved in a data breach or not. We are all victims now, and forward-thinking security leaders are responsible for leading the inquiry, “How at-risk are my users and my organization?” Our digital landscape is […]

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