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May 30 - June 2, 2023 | ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
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Identiverse 2023 • Session
Standards in IoT & Identity - How do they Play Together and What are the Gaps to Solve?
Applications of Identity
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Ironwood 2
9:05 am - 9:30 am
Chief Technology Officer
iC Consult
Session Abstract: Many standards for IoT in general or for particular sectors are available, like MQTT, Matter, Web of Things, etc. Most have little connection to the identity world with OpenID Connect, OAuth, SCIM, and other standards. With very few exceptions, the Identity standards are neither designed for nor support the IoT world very well. What does that mean for IoT-related use cases, and where are the gaps you must be aware of when facing use cases with smart devices? This session provides an overview of different IoT- and Identity-related protocols, analyzes their contribution and potential for IoT-Identity use cases, and highlights areas of improvement. The presentation is based on an OpenID Foundation analysis of the interoperability of identities for people and things.
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