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May 28-31, 2024 | Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
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2023 Event | Session Video
The Butterfly Effect of Standards Development

Speakers: Heather Flanagan – Spherical Cow Consulting & Mike Kiser – SailPoint
Date: Friday, June 2, 2023
Location: ARIA Resort & Casino | Las Vegas, NV

Description: IAM professionals around the world are being asked to do more with less, to solve problems and interoperability challenges with few resources. Often, big changes like those presented by browser developers impacting OIDC and SAML authentication flow, come as a surprise. It’s always easier to influence a change in direction by influencing that change earlier in its development. In this session, Heather Flanagan and Mike Kiser will to talk about what standards are in flux and how you can influence their outcomes with minimal effort, both from the perspective of a person that is deeply embedded with standards and that of a newcomer just breaking into these specialized communities. We’ll look at some of the latest coming from the W3C incubator efforts known as community groups. We’ll point out the most relevant work underway in the OpenID Foundation. And we’ll look to ISO and the IETF for some of the core standards relevant to our industry so we don’t reinvent any wheels.

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